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Fixed cracking pressure
For working pressure up to 3000 psig (206 bar)
Ordering Information and Table of Dimensions
Design Feature
· Compact design wigh one piece hexagon body construction.
· 2-way straight pattern.
· Free floationg ball design provides seat wear compensation.
· Micro-finished ball provides a leak-tight seal.
· Positive and safe handle stop.
· Low operting torques with stainless steel lever handle.
· Provide quick 1/4 turn on-off control.
· Color coated stainless steel lever handle.
· Handle indicate flow direction.
· Various and connections.
Materials of Construction
Cracking and Reseal Pressure
Example: From the graph, the actual cracking pressure of nominal cracking pressure 25 psi is shown to range between 20 psi is shown to range between 20 psi to 30 psi, and the reseal pressure 17 psi to 20 psi.
· Cracking pressure is defind as the upstream pressure at which a detectable flow is measured.
· Reseal pressure is defind as the downstream pressure at which the check valve closes bubble-tight.
Technical Information
Factory Testing
Every NATMAN 300 Series Check Valve is adjusted for factory testing with nitrogen for cracking and reseal performance.
Cleaning and Packaging
All valves are cleaned and packaged in accordance with D-Lok standard cleaning and packaging procedures.
Safety in Valve Selection
Selections of valve function and rating, proper installation, material compatibility, operation and maintenance of these valves are the responsibility of the user.

The system design, application must be taken into consideration to ensure optimal performance and safety.

We accept no liability for any improper selection, installation, operation or maintenance.